Mediterranean Rubbed Pork

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This is one of our signature recipes. As shared in a previous post, our Rub goes well with white meats and Pork goes specially well with it because it’s grease mixes with the herbs and creates an unbelievable taste.

We hope you have the time to enjoy this recipe, you can either grill it or bake it at very low heat. Cheers!

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3 Pounds Your Favorite Pork Cut
1 Full Load Mediterranean Rub
To Taste Salt


  1. Wash the Pork Cut with plenty of water. Take a piece of paper towel and remove all the moisture you can from the surface. Add Salt to taste. Add the Mediterranean Rub (see previous post to get the recipe) and make sure it all gets sticked to the Pork Cut.
  2. Place the Pork on the grill and cook for 30 min on each side at low heat.
  3. Slice the pork and grill the slices for 2 min on each side. Serve and enjoy!

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